If you are graduating soon you are probably looking for a job. It might be a stressful experience, however, many programs in College offer internship programs. If you had an opportunity to have an internship that gives you a leg on your job search. You see if you did a good job with the company you interned for that can definitely lead to a job after graduation. Why? Here a few reasons:

– They know you and your style of work

– They had a chance to see the quality of your work before hiring

– You got along with the team

– You are familiar with their routine and company operations

– You have been trained by them

In essence, you are the best candidate for them to hire because they know you and like you! If they haven’t offered you a position after graduation or when the internship ends don’t fret! Sit down with your direct supervisor and let them know you are looking for a job soon–be honest and courteous. More than likely, they will consider you because of your time with them.

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