A great way of looking at your resume is similar to real estate. It is a property where you add value via your job experience, skills and professionnel development. Equally if you are low on experience you must still treat your resume as invaluable property that directly relates to you.

A Solid Foundation

In terms of building your resume you have to think in terms of what makes a sound house. You need a solid foundation, walls, and a roof. Not to mention the materials such as bricks, cement, wood and metal. All these items contribute to this property. If it built with poor quality materials it won’t hold up and that’s the same as when you write your resume!

Professional ‘Builders’

And when it comes to building your home who will do it? That’s correct: professionals! Carpenters, masons, electricians etc all help build a solid home. Now would you consider a professional writer to create your resume? To build something that is solid and works sometimes requires a professional’s touch.

Adding Value

Always consider adding to your property in order increase its value. Add certificates, degrees and training; professional experiences all add richness and value to your resume’s ‘property.’ It is important to always think as yourself as continually developing and growing and should be reflective of an updated resume!

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