It is important to have support from friends, family, peers and even your community if you desire a happy and fruitful career. You perhaps already know the importance and the strength of relationships especially towards your personal and professional development. However, creating a mastermind career group is something you should consider (if you haven’t already.)

This type of group should be small in size–maybe between 3 and 12 people–who are career orientated individuals. This group’s main focus is to help its members continue finding ways to setting and achieving career goals. Although this career group can be focused on one type of profession (ie. Sales) you can create a mastermind group with successful professionals from a host of sectors.

One of the key foundations of this group is trust. You want to build a group of professionals who want to get better while helping others in the group. It’s all about developing into exceptional professionals and continually learning by exchanging experiences, doing mini-training/workshop sessions and discussing ideas. If all the people in the group are to succeed, everyone must be on the same page in regards to what they are there for.

Creating and building a Mastermind group will take time, but at the end when you have several people you trust and are comfortable with–a group like this can definitely help you with your career goals and expectations!

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