One of the key ways to develop your career is by analysing the careers of successful professionals in your niche. However, it is fundamental to ‘own’ your career in order to place your indelible mark on the world. Only you can do the things you can do and bring your unique brand to the table. By owning your roles and responsibilities you are discovering your potential to grow as a personal and as a professional.

Although you have many resources at your disposal to better yourself, you need to look within–what do you love about your job? What would you change about it (for the better?) What sdifference would you like to make in your role, during the course of your career and within your community? These are a sample of questions you can pose yourself in order to come up with a unique career path.

What the world ultimately needs is you doing what you do best rather than a copy of what society believes is true success. Break the mold. Formulate a path that you are comfortable with and never quit!

Image: Paul Leng

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