Your job search strategy requires you to have a strong mix of networking, applying for jobs online, creating a solid resume and building your portfolio/experience. However, the most important tool that you will be using in your job search is Google. Utilizing Google for its powerful search function will definitely help you when you are finding job posts, career direction or anything related to your specific job search.

However, Google has an array of great tools to help you even further. The gmail email amount is a good option when emailing resumes. It is easy to use and you add many interesting add-ons to help you get the most out of it–if you have a moment check out the add-ons available.

Google also has other powerful tools including Docs, Sheets and Slides to help organzie your job search. Additionally Google Maps might be a great tool to use in order to find out more about the companies you are applying for–you can check out customer reviews and other info the company might have added to their Google My Business page.

Before you dive into your job search take some time to playing around with what Google has to offer. Familiarize yourself with the Google Search and how really detailed you can make it to be.

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