You might not believe it but your secret weapon to landing a job just may be your positive thinking!

It is extremely easy to get upset sometimes and even become a bit negative. Your job search can create a lot of stress leaving you feel dejected, uninspired and even a bit depressed. The good news is–that can all change!

Focus on a goal. In this case it’s easy to say: finding a new job. The next step is to re-think what your job search is about.

Is it about you?

Nope. It’s about the companies you are applying to work for. You must think the way they must be thinking. When you boil it down the people doing the hiring are perhaps stressed too! Afterall, they have to look through countless resumes, and take time to call candidates for interviews and the list goes on!

That’s why you should bring a better and more positive demeanor to the interview. You don’t know what they are experiencing. And people in general what to talk and deal with positive and happy people.

And guess what?

If your resume got you the interview–then the next step is you being the best you can be at the interview. YOU are the reason why want to hire you and want you for their team!

Image: Robin Higgins

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