Quick question: how much time do you dedicate to networking a week? Be honest. If you are gun-ho in finding a job and you said less than 20 hours you need to reassess your job search strategy.

Applying online is important. Submitting your resume directly to managers is very important. However, have you considered spending most of your time networking? That means going to network events, social gatherings, job fairs and other special events. Meeting people face-to-face is key to building your contacts and ultimately giving you the edge when it comes to landing a job.

Networking also means utilizing social media. Using LinkedIn to contacting to professionals is key as well as joining Facebook groups. You also must be diligent to building your network by reaching out to recruiters. 20 hours of networking per week is a benchmark minimum because you must realize that building and nurturing relationships is one of the most essential ways of landing a great job.

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