Gathering information in your job search is vital to landing a job. Uncovering info about companies, key people, market trends, and continuing to grow your network needs to happen before you can truly get a job you deserve.

And all it takes is a phone call. An email. A message on LinkedIn. Or a Hello Facebook. It is all about connecting with people to learn about what they do and what is the key to their success.

Listen. Learn. Apply.

Compiling this information gives you more confidence and a chance to make better choices. Imagine trying to land a job without learning about the companies you are applying for? Or having just adequate knowledge of your career direction? It is a recipe for disaster because going in blind is not the right way of conducting your job search.

If you are shy and have trouble connecting with people think about your future. Do you find that it’s worth it to not to pick up the phone and acquire potential career advice that can get you on the right track? There are some great professionals out there willing to talk to you…you just have to pick up the phone or type an email to them to find out who will help you.

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