Why challenge yourself? If this is a question you may have had before reading this article then please read on!

Each and every day we are challenged by many different things in others lives: whether it be at work or in our personal lives there doesn’t seem a day that goes by where someone or something throws us for a bit of a loop. It’s easy to get frustrated and distance yourself from the moment–it’s a way of dealing with it. Next time that happens try to analyse the situation afterwards when you have a clearer mind. Thinking logically can give you a new and interesting way of looking at that challenging moment. Also, think about how you reacted to it–did you react in a calm matter or kind of reacted poorly? Be honest with yourself–this is one of the cornerstones of learning.

Now look at other times you were challenged. Did you react in similar fashion? If so, how can improve? Ultimately as you continue to grow in your professional life you have to understand your role within the labour market. Who are your clients? Who are your competitors? You must find ways of making yourself better by continuously learning. And yes, you must be challenged and you must put yourself in challenging situations in order to learn, grow your experience and refine your skills.

Be sure to take the time to study individuals who have had challenging lives or experiences–you can learn a great deal on how they have dealt with the hand that they were given. Take some time to check out their stories of hardship and perseverance! Remember always challenge yourself–it can only make you stronger, better and better equipped to be the best professional you can be.

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