Blogging about your job search can provide you with many opportunities that you hadn’t expected. For one thing you can use it as a tool to outreach with other job seekers and learn about their own expeience. One of key takeaways from any job search is about building your professional network.

By blogging, you are using your pertinent content based on real-world experience to engage others. You are also learning many aspects when you are writing a blog: marketing, social media, public relations, brand managment etc. Blogging is an amazing opportunity to build and expand on your career. You might not thinking of it now, but by writing blog entries about your job search you are unlocking a variety of ways to grow.

One great way to expand on your blog’s dynamic is by interviewing other job seekers and getting their take on their search. It is finding ways of connecting to people and learning more about their ups and downs, wins andl losses, and what they are leaning from their own job search.

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