If you are established in your career or starting out keeping a blog about your career development is an interesting and exciting way of documenting your growth. You can talk about your projects, any positive interaction with clients or even what kind of training you have done. Writing a post or two a week can be a good way of marking some important benchmarks in your career.

A Hobby

Writing about something that you know (ie. Your job) can be an easy way to starting a blog. You don’t have to invest much at first, but the rewards can be great. For example, a few posts here and there can turn into a full-fledged hobby. Although you already have a career the blog can definitely augment your credentials and showcase your talent to a wider audience.

Writing a Book

Imagine building a blog to such an extent that you can parlay that into a book? It might seem overwhelming but writing a blog over some time helps build enough information into something you can package and sell. A book also lends credibility to your blog and may even help your career.

Becoming a Consultant

Even if you love what you are doing it doesn’t mean you can’t start a business to help others. If you are writing a career development blog people over time will see you as a specialist. If readers reach out to you seeking advice look into building a consulting business. If the demand is there, you maybe have a great chance of positioning yourself as a Consultant within the field that you love!

Writing Guest Blogs and Articles

Your career development blog can be a launching pad for other exciting opportunities–one of which is writing guest blogs for other sites and even contributing for magazines. That would definitely be a notch for you.

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