There are a lot of industries that you have to apply online including Information Technology or any computer related jobs. However, in many other industries dropping off your resume can work to your benefit. If you are in sales, hospitality, customer services or any trade popping in to drop off your resume is a great idea to get the ball rolling in your job search. Here are some positives in dropping off your resume in person.

The Employer gets to meet you

The resume is the number one tool in helping you get the interview. Unfortunately in many instances the propective employeer doesn’t have time to go through all the resumes. If you pop in to drop off your resume, the HR professional or the hiring manager gets to see you before looking at your resume. In any position related to customer service for example–strong communications skills is very important as well as being attentive and presentable. These are three key areas that managers analyze you and it’s great if you ace this test. If they like you and your demeanor a possible interview is in order.

Build instant repore

You shake hands. You smile. You are already building a relationship by showcasing your positive body language when you drop off your resume. You are building an instant repore with someone and that can lead you to something more powerful than only applying online.

Getting an Interview

The ultimate aim when dropping off your resume is to get an interview. If your resume is well written, properly formatted has the experience matches what the company is looking for as wellnas coupled with your personal visit it just might be the power combo that the doctor ordered!

It is a powerful 1-2 punch especially if you are in a very interactive field like sales. In a trade, they can see what you are made of by testing your skills quickly and on-site.

Quick Overview

Going in and submitting your resume doesn’t excuse you from writing an average one. You need a great resume regardless. Additionally, even if you have a great face-to-face meeting, you still more than likely have to apply online to satisfy Human Resource/Hiring corporate requirments.

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