There are a host of reasons why we should change jobs. You are probably tired of your current job–it might be boring or unchallenging. Maybe, you aren’t getting the right training. Or it might be a toxic environment to work it.

Whatever the reason(s) you need to think about the short and long term ramifications as a result of you leaving (to you and your career?) Even if it’s a bad job all around you need to think about what your next employment option is–can you afford to make a move?

You also have to take into consideration what you want from your next job. Is it a lateral move or a step up? Are you interested in career growth or want to do the same thing in a different place?

It’s all up to you! Consider all your options and also talk with some people you respect to get their take on the situation. At the end of the day, changing jobs can have many effects to many aspects of your life so before you do it understand what’s at stake.

Image: Geralt

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