A Unique Selling Point is a selling/markerting term that denotes a product, company or brand’s uniqueness in the marketplace which sets it apart from the competition. The USP can also be applied to you as a personal brand. As a job seeker you need to find examples and ways that separate you from other candidates because there is a lot of competition vying for a limited amount of positions.

Your Unique Selling Point

This is a key item to think about before writing your resume and cover letter. Along with the job posting(s) and keywords you will be using the USP as the nucleus of writing a great resume/coverletter. Now think about your past experiences: what has separated you from your co-workers? Is there something special about what you do in the position you’re in? If you are a web developer do you specialize in an in-demand coding language in a niche industry?

Get very specific

The more focused you are about describing your USP the better prepared you are when creating a unique, stand-out application. Try looking at other similar professionals on LinkedIn. Try to find the best profiles. How unique is your brand compared to them? Why would someone hire you especially in regards to your USP?

Your USP and Potential Employers

Along with thinking about your brand think about your potential employer. How are you going to help and benefit them? Incorporate this question when formulating your USP! Although companies and organizations like to hear about how good you are they ultimately want you to tell them how you will help them. One of the main areas is a financial benefit: saving them money perhaps or your exceptional closing ratio as a sales person.

Building your Brand

As you develop your brand reputation in an industry you will easily find your niche and ultimately your USP. It’s all about doing your job correctly, consistently and constantly learning in order to get better. Your USP is one of the most important parts when you are laying down the foundation to a strong application.

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