Sometimes managing your career can be like playing chess. You have to have be strategic m and must anticipate any move that life makes against you. However, it’s easier said then done. There are so many things outside your worklife that can happen to re-adjust your career path dynamic. Sometimes it’s not what you anticipated, but you must react in a way that can benefit you. So if you take stock of what’s going on in your life (family responsibilities, school, multiple jobs, health issues) what should be your next career move?

What do you want?

This is the most basic question to ask but sometimes is overlooked! Don’t be overwhelmed with what others want from you. Ask yourself: what do you want? Especially from your job and career. Sit down and write down your response. Think about it. Is it doable? Is it realistic?

Be proactive

Inaction can be your greatest enemy. Be proactive make the next move even if you feel that it may be ill-timed or you don’t really feel 100% about it. It might be you going to your supervisor and asking for more responsibility or it might be venturing out and looking for a new opportunity. You must be proactive in not only doing but actively seeking ways to grow.

Study the masters

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed about making your next career move? Don’t worry…it’s understood! However, if you need some motivation and inspiration research some people around you that have succeeded. Ask them about their career moves! Also, read about the great athletes, business leaders and innovators that have and continue to influence many of us. Study ttheir career moves…hopefully you will gain some insight in respect to forging ahead and developing a career you deserve.

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