What motivates you? It seems like a simple questions but ask yourself that now. Do you find the answer just comes out easily? Or did you think about it?

Regardless, motivation is key to having any success or continued success in your career.


Because motivation is what helps you get you out of bed in the morning. It is the push that you need to either get to your job or your business. Motivation drives you to go far and beyond those nasty days when it seems like nothing is going you way. Motivation pulls you through it because you have to, want to and need to.

Motivation is: money, family, success, justice…anything that you deem important–that is your motivation.

Ok, so some of you out there know what motivates you…you could answer that first question from the start quickly! But now those of you that had to think about…do you know what your motivation is?

If you need to dig deeper to find the answer get a pen and paper and start listing it down…if you don’t have a motivation–a really good motivation–then you need some time to think about it!

Image: Foto Grafie Link

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