One of the major ways of scoring career success is assessing and realizing what motives you. Knowing what can light a fire under you can take you a long way when you have your focus on having a great career.

So what motivates you?

Do others around you inspire you or motivate you? Is it your complete focus and drive to achieve your career goals? Of is it simply your aim at competing every single day? Regardless, whatever your motivation may be you need to use it to continually push yourself. Motivation is a key component to any person who aims to becoming a solid professional.

Finding Motivation

…And sometimes (for a myriad of reasons) we don’t have motivation. It is at this time you need to look at what your goals are. You need to ask youself why you have the job you have. It won’t be a fun Q&A with yourself, yet it needs to be done especially if you desire any career success.

You also need to look at others around you. Are they successful? Are they doing what they want to be doing? Or going with the motions? You certainly don’t want to be in situation where you do want to be trapped doing something that you hate! However, in some instances that might be motivation enough to find a better opportunity and do something that you enjoy.

Motivating Others

If you know what motivates you do you know what motivates others? Good leaders know this and you might have the DNA ready to take the next leap in your career! Always look around you–there is always talent that needs to be helped along a bit and sometimes they need to be helped with finding their motivation. You just might be just the person to help and be a mentor.

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