Are there any aspects of your job that you really like? Is the job itself? Your co-workers? The clients? There can be a host of things that can make you excited about going in to work or running your own business!

The key thing is being excited–looking forward to building your career one day at a time. But if you aren’t really into your job? How can you capture that excitement?

If things aren’t really going your way when it comes to your career you need to understand that things probably have to change. Reassess your goals. Look at who you are speaking with. Find ways you can improve your job life–maybe finding a new job is the answer or redirecting your career path. You need to make changes if you feel stuck and aren’t passionate about what you’re doing.

Sometimes you take a careful look at your job–what’s bothering you about it? What can make it better? These are some questions you can ask and answer. Setup a mwetijg with your boss or even a senior co-worker. Remember don’t be negative–look at ways to improve your work situation.

Be proactive about it. If you don’t it will be a tough time for you. And ve sure to find people around your job that are happy and successful. Ask then what fuels their positivity!

Image: Robin Higgins

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