If you aren’t sure what your next career move is always start by thinking about what you want. It may be a simple question to ask but it can be a very effective one because at the end of the day it is your life and what you want to ultimately accomplish.

What do you want from your career?

These days a career can become a very complex thing. There might be a lot of education involved or a fair amount of training. You must invest time to shaping a good career. That means really looking at the major factors that can contribute to growing and fostering a successful career. You simply have to ask yourself: what do you want from your career?

Examine the company you are with

Is your current company giving you everything you need to succeed? Are you happy with your career advancement there? If you are, that’s great! Sometimes companies offer many incentives to stay and grow with them. If you don’t feel like your current company is giving you the tools to grow despite your hard work and dedication then maybe it’s time to move on. Sometimes we can get comfortable at our job to a point that we don’t realize we aren’t growing professionally any longer.

Researching what other similar professionals are doing in their careers

Your career path is your own. At the end of the day you can not copy anyone else’s career–however, you can gain insight to what other professionals are doing. Researching their education, employment, training and experience are some key areas to finding out what it takes to formulate a better plan for your career. Don’t hesitate to contact successful or more experienced professionals in order to give further insight to what they are doing differently.

Are you ready for change?

Your next career move can be a nerve wrecking one whether it be changing jobs, moving to another city or getting more education–you need to think it through carefully and methodically. Regardless what you need to do next you must be willing to accept change. It can be hard but change allows to acquire new experiences, seek more complex challenges and help connect with interesting people. Be open to it along with being prepared!

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