Libraries aren’t just for taking out books or reserving computers to surf the net anymore. Modern libraries have become places where you can learn languages, take free online business courses and help you in your job search/career development. There are so many awesome resources to help with your job search at the library it might be a great idea to start there.

Job & Career-related Books

Your local library has a slew of great books that can help you along on your job search. Try using Amazon first and gauge what books have high ratings and what people are saying about them. Create a list and check out if those books are available at the library. Although a lot of great information is found online, books offer many bonuses: the author is usually an expert, and books often reference other material that could useful. Some books also can found as ebooks in the library database.


Sometimes the library offers workshops headed by career consultants from local career resource centers. Workshops can dev into resume writing to aceing your next interview. These types of workshops can give you practical tips that you can apply immediately to your job search. Be sure to connect with other job seekers after the workshop as well as the career consultant.

Online resources

Along with finding helpful ebooks, the library offers you many online ressources. A popular resource is Career Crusing–a great site that can help you in your job search and career development. Other online resources include: industry related magazines, resume writing programs and online learning courses. Take some time to check out what great online resources that your local library has–you will be blown away by the helpful and free resources open to you.

Image: Kilm Kin

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