Your job search can be both exciting and stressful. It can be exciting because you are on the hunt for a new adventure–a new chapter in your career. And of course it can be stressful because there are so many unknowns. However, attending a lot of networking events can ease your mind. You will be surrounding yourself with professionals with a goal to advance your career by helping others.

Networking events are an exceptional way to get out there and showcase yourself. You have to do some research on your part. Comb Facebook and the internet to track down events. Connect with those you are putting those events on and gather as much information you can about the events and networking groups.

Also find out what job fairs are happening around your area–these events are amazing ways to connect and engage with potential employers. But the best part of job fairs is positioning them like they are pure networking events. You can certainly bring your resume, but a good tactic is trying to connect with as many company representatives as you can!

Collect business cards, gather information, add other professionals to your LinkedIn, and expand your networking in one morning! That is an essential way to build your network and a chance to continue your path to a career opportunity!

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