Libraries are chock full of great resources that you can access with your library card. If you are a job seeker the library is one of the most important places to go to when trying to find a job. Here are a few more ways that you can utilize your library in your job search:

Book time with a Librarian

It a little known fact about libraries: you have the ability to book time with a librarian! This is a major boost for your job search because the librarian in a way is a very good ‘finder’ of knowledge and resources. Be sure to bring a list of items you want help with and they can not only assist you in finding the information you need but provide some great tips.

Library Computers & Laptops

If you don’t have access to a really good computer as well as high speed internet, libraries have them in spades. Utilize these computers by booking time–you can print, do online job searches and do multiple projects. Ask your librarian about some of the capabilities of the computers they have available.

Scotts Business Directory

You can access this directory with your library card online even when at home. This directory has 10s of thousands of businesses listed and information on each od them. This is a great tool if you are researching companies in a specific region or industry. The listing details key personal, contact information, and much more. The possibilities are endless in the uses for this kind of information especially when it comes to finding a job.

Image: Jar Moluk

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