Google is already an essential component in any job seekers tool kit. It is easy to use and gives you the timely information you need. Recently Google has enriched their search palate by introducing Google Jobs. It’s a great and easy-to-use to tool when you’re on the job hunt.

How do you access it?

Simply access it by typing in Jobs in the Google search window on your phone. Secondly, a list of a few job posts comes up in the search results. Just typing in ‘jobs’ will give you some positions in your area according the location your smart phone is set.

Get specific

If you want a more specific job search for a position and location you want simply type that in Google search. For example–‘Toronto Jobs Outside Sales.” This will give you a more refined search. Also keep in mind this is Google so try to be as specific in your search query as possible.

Click on Jobs at top of Blue Box

If you want to get more options for a menu click on the Jobs word. You will be taken to a specific Google Job Search page where you can save and create job alerts. You can also modify and refine your search in this area by choosing: Category, Title location among other searches.

‘Learn More’ Function

Do you want to get more from Google Jobs? Scroll down in the blue jobs box and you will notice at the right hand bottom the words Learn More. Click that. It will bring you to a screen and give you some tips in using Google jobs. Below is the view of the Learn More Screen with more options to select in order to refine you job search.

Also, notice the alert option at the top right corner; it’s a great tool to keep you in the loop on fresh postings right to your email inbox

Jobs for Veterans

This is a helpful section for those who will be or are military veterans. Google breaks down what to do if you are a veteran to link your skills to a job that is right for you. The menu below is what you will find displayed in the Learn More Screen.


If you find Feedback beside the Learn More botton at the bottom right of the Google Job Blue Box. Tell Google what you think! The biggest reason Google gets so good is because they always have the end user in mind. Although this is a new project for Google with time and feedback it can definitively revival

Did you use Google Jobs?

.. If so, let me know. Leave comments about your experience below. Let other users know if its worth the time!

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