Are you looking for job opportunities? One of the best things to do is researching your local labour market. You can get this information (surging industries, job market forecasting) through various sources including your union, employment centres, staffing agencies, trade schools, college employment centres and online.

These documents are typcially put together by non-profit organizations in your city, region, province or state. They are often detailed and give you a great overview of jobs that are in demand which gives you a chance to get more training, education or experience in a certain field or helping you decide what kind of niche/specialization you should consider.

As well, doing research in your local area gives you a unique prospective of what to expect including new sectors that are emerging, new projects that will be coming to your area as well as companies that are setting up shop. You then need to reach out and learn more about these companies to find out what their short term and long term needs are. And don’t be shy to also contact those people who helped put the labour market report together. Sometimes they can provide some good insight to the job market from the research they conducted for the report.

In conclusion, being familiar with your local job market (ie. reports) can give you a chance to expand your career. Be sure to do your research and review what your options are in your area. Also, be open to opportunities outside your area–there may be other places that need your specific skillsets and experience.

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