Many of us have had some type of negative experience at one or several of our jobs. It can be frustrating and a demotivating experience to say the least. Sometimes we try to stick it out believing things will get better or we feel that if we leave we are quitting. It can also be that it is merely a negative blip in an overall good job experience. Regardless finding a positive and turning it into a career opportunity is something that you can do! It’s up to you because you will find even in negative experience comes invaluable lessons. It’s all about learning, staying focused and always looking for ways to grow.

If you are currently at a job that you don’t like because of a host of reasons like poor management or a mediocre work environment, you must review your options:

–Despite the terrible job have you learned some hard-fought lessons?

–Are there any co-workers that can assist you in your career develop- ment?

–How can this job be a stepping stone to bigger and better things?

Keep the questions churning in your mind and always keep positive!

Another easy yet effective way to turn a negative job into a positive learning experience is by learning what not to do! Sometimes workers around you aren’t good to customers–you have a golden chance to prove yourself to clients and show them excellent customer service.

A bad job does not mean you can not look and even find an exceptionally better opportunities! Don’t let any negative influences at the workplace distract you from your potential and your goals. Go out there and network. Build your professional network and nurture long-term friendships and partnerships. Remember sometimes you need to simply look at a job as a job–it’s a job to pay bills and put food on the table. Always consider bigger goals and your ultimate job that you envision yourself excelling in.

Be good to yourself and continually explore your potential. You will find the job/career you have been dreaming about–just keep working at it and don’t let others take that away.

Image: Nastya Gepp

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