We all have hobbies! A hobby is a fun and entertaining pastime that someone does in their free time. Take a quick look at You Tube. There are thousands of channels started by people who wanted to show their hobby to the world.

Whether it be comedy sketches or baseball card trading or photography to toy/collecting reviews, there are so many interesting hobbies. Now, can you turn your own hobby into a career opportunity? It’s a distinct possibility. If so many people out there have done why can’t you. Follow this quick checklist below to hit the ground running.

What’s your hobby?

Write down a detailed list of things that are related to your hobby–it is a good idea to find out what might be different possibilities out there. If you want to turn your photography hobby into a paying gig and eventually a career look into what niches you can occupy. Maybe you enjoy doing nature photography–do you take pictures of a particular animal or setting. Maybe think about getting very specific or ‘niche’ to create a unique market for yourself.

Does the Market Want it or Need it?

Before launching your hobby into a career, you have to see if there is a market to support it. Even if you discover a very small market look into it in more detail and find out what you need to do to make it successful.

No market? Try creating one!

If you find out that if your hobby doesn’t fit into the market yet, don’t sweat it. Try putting your best forward and start it. Be realistic–it might work or it might not. However, if you have a good website, have your social media going strong try to make connections with customers and fans related to your product or service. Networking online and face-to-face is a very important way to building your hobby into a career.

What’s the Online Potential?

With websites like Amazon and Ebay and even You Tube the potential to launching an online business with little or money is high. You can easily sell and market your product or service on these sites. Be sure to investigate what your online potential is–look at what other people are doing.

For example, if you love collecting hot wheel toy cars try launching a you tube channel to show case your collection. How about filming hot wheel races? Building interesting tracks? Unwrapping surprise cars that have been mailed to you? There are many things you can do with your hobby. Yet the money won’t be flowing immediately. If you are passionate about your hobby you will be patient about growing your audience and customers.

Study people who have been doing it!

Extending on the example above, if you are a hot wheels collector and want to show it on You Tube look at what other collectors are doing. Studying the things that are working for them and other things that aren’t doing. Check out their most popular videos and see how you can improve on them in your videos. If possible, reach out to these people and ask them questions about their experience launching their hobby into a business opportunity and a career.

When connecting with them be honest when connecting with them. Tell them what your intentions are–some will answer you back, some won’t and their be only a handful who will be helpful!

From hobby to business to career!

Having a hobby is a great way to past the time in your spare time away from work and even life! Getting involved in a hobby allows you to be an expert on something. You sometimes get a unique opportunity to meet others that share your passion at meetups and conferences.

However, before trying your hand at turning your hobby into a full time career you need to invest more time and effort in your endeavour. The business side can be a bit bothersome (if you aren’t really business savvy) but don’t let that stop you–there are a myriad of online tools that can take care of that and let you focus on your new career.

Constantly Network

Lastly, don’t underestimate the power of networking. Talk. Listen. And constantly connect and reconnect with people. Your new career can not exist or thrive without people’s support. Also engage with those you are enthusiastic about what you are doing. Nurture these relationships and don’t force your growth. Build it one person at a time!


Image: Tranmautritam

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