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December 2017 was the turning point in musician’s Chris Strei career. He just got the call to open up for the Trews–in that short set it provided Strei the momentum he needed to start building something special. “It was the catalyst for what I’m doing now, ” says Strei, “I was chosen by the band for an invite to open for them and it made me realize I haven’t truly been trying to succeed with a music career.”

Strei hasn’t looked back since that night. He has been exhaustively performing, writing and looking at every angle on becoming a successful full-time musician.

Strei notes, “I once read that if you want to do something full-time, you have to put in full-time hours. That’s not always possible when you also need a job to pay for life, but I still try. Chasing opportunities that can only lead to a higher level if they succeed, booking gigs in new cities, investing in gear and marketing, and simply playing for people.”

The Brantford-born Strei is currently putting his talent to the test by entering into the studio with acclaimed producer Iain McNally. The album entitled ‘Moonshine’ has been driven by Strei’s early struggles and his desire to continually evolve as an artist.

“Working with Iain [McNally] on Moonshine has broadened my vision in terms of producing and engineering music,” Strei says, “but it’s also forced me to be a better musician by learning new chords and also play with more precision.

“Everything has to be perfect. Timing, pitch, and even emotion and accents being played just right. It all makes a huge difference.”

As a musician who is always looking to grow, Strei notes the importance of continually connecting with other professionals and artists. “I find fellow artists are more than willing to share their knowledge and experiences,” he continues. “We’re all trying to accomplish the same thing, and there’s plenty of room for all of us.”

Last year was a great year for Strei. Along with starting production on his album he placed in the top 25 in The Shot. Strei says, “I’ve been striving for more of those opportunities [the Trews Show, the Shot] because I believe I’m worthy, but I continue to evolve and improve because I believe I can always be better than I am right now.”

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