Following-up with companies after an interview or when a resume is sent, isn’t an action that is top-of-mind. In fact, most of us tend to just wait for the call to happen whether it be for a job or an initial inteview. It’s a mindset that should change–being proactive is essential to ultimately getting the job you want.

Competition is stiff for jobs out there–if you can put you face and name in front of hiring managers that is a definite ‘win’ for you! One of the easiest and most effective ways of edging a bit closer to securing a job or an interview is the follow-up!

Add the Follow-up to your Coverletter

A simple note on your coverletter letting the reader know you will follow-up is a great way of giving them heads up. When you do call it reflects that you are true to your word and you follow through. Even if they don’t recall that you would follow-up, the hiring manager might take a look back and see that you in fact did as you said. This reflects good on you and might even get you the job.

Pick up the Phone and Call

When you follow-up there are several ways you can do it. Calling is perhaps the fastest and easiest way to do it. If you don’t like writing (ie. A follow up letter or email) picking up the phone is the way to go. Be sure to talk to the hiring manager or the person directly reviewing your resume. Avoid leaving messages–try your best to get on the phone with the right person!

An Email can be Effective

If you have the hiring manager’s email, writing and sending a quick follow-up noting thanking them for their time to either review your resume or interview you is a great idea. Be sure to write your email on Word first and then copy and pasting it into the email; you don’t want to press the send button before your message is just perfect.

A Hand-written Note is the clincher

Calling or emailing are two easy and effective ways to reflect your politeness, professionalism and commitment towards a company/hiring manager, but actually writing a physical message is step above. Writing a letter truly separates you from other candidates because actually sitting down and writing a thank-you note is something that doesn’t happen too often. You can mail it or hand deliver the letter. It gives a refreshing perspective on you and your personality and can be the ‘in’ you need to get that coveted job!

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