Recording your daily experiences whether it be personal or professional is a great way to keep ideas, interactions and experiences fresh in your mind.


One of the best reasons to keep a journal is to record ideas you have. In the course of any given work day, you may have thoughts and experiences that can contribute to developing ideas that can make things more efficient for example. Experiences shape your career and make it your calling card at the end of the day–leverage that in your journal by furthering ideas that can have an impact on your fellow co-workers, your company and even your industry.

A Career You Want

Journal writing can also give you a unique opportunity to formulate ways of building a better career for yourself. Record companies and people that you may want to work with or for–make plans that you want to make a reality. Set goals, jot down sales figures or how much you desire to make. Be creative in your journaling!

Making Things Happen

Writing is a very deliberate act of putting things that you want to happen…happen. Words are powerful. Journal writing is about what you have experienced; it is also about what you want to experience! Don’t be afraid to write about your dreams and ambitions.

Image: Steve PB

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