If you are currently finding yourself on the job hunt take a second to have a breather. You have probably been at it for a while emailing your resume, then redoing your resume and then sending out some more online. You’ve probably filled out a bunch of online applications and maybe been to 1 or 2 employment centres. All this and barely any bites!

The job search can be a frustrating process and one that you want over as soon as possible. Now if you tried it your own way (which may not be working out) why don’t you trying hunkering down for the next week and follow the Job Search Hustle 6 Step Guide below?

It won’t be hard to follow–just a few simply steps and you’ll find a job quickly and efficiently!

Step 1: Assess what job you want

Focus on the job you are looking for–also does your experience etc qualify you for it? Let’s take retail sales. Refine the companies that are hiring in your immediate area and then surrounding areas. Make a list of these companies and any relevant job postings.

Step 2: Create a resume for the position you are applying for

Get a few similar job postings and isolate keywords (words that are relevant for retail sales.) Organize your points and experience. Pick a neat format in Word and pop in the info. Be sure to get a few people to review your resume for any typos or errors before sending it out. Don’t forget the coveretter!

Step 3: Pound the pavement

Print a bunch of your resumes preferably on heavier stock paper (when a hiring manager feels it they will notice the difference from other resumes.) Go to as many local businesses that you know are hiring or aren’t advertising. Ask for hiring managers or the person in charge. Be polite, courteous and always ask for business cards.

Step 4: Visit (or revisit) employment centres

You’re in a hurry to get a job so focus on speaking to an employment specialist to help you find one. Utilize their database for companies that are hiring. Ask how you apply!

Step 5: Follow-up with Companies

Reconnect with managers that you have recently spoke to. If you didn’t get a chance to speak to some managers here is your chance to call or visit them. Sometimes managers want to do a impromptu interview so be prepared with multiple resumes, a portfolio and any questions you may want to ask them.

Step 6: Repeat the Steps

Hustle. Don’t give up. Don’t feel sorry for yourself and respect the process. If you are doing this fulltime then do it fulltime like an 8-hour shift! If you currently have a job make time to do what you need to do to get a better job!

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