Having a strong game plan during your job search is key in ultimately landing a job. But within that game plan you must have goals that need to be achieved. Picture these goals as bricks to building a sturdy foundation to a house. When you are laying a brick down you are hitting another goal like visiting/dropping off your resume to at least 5 businesses a day.

Goal setting

Write down your goals that you want to achieve. Start with mini-goals like updating your resume. When you have several goals that contribute to your overall aim (in this case landing a job) go out and simply find the best way of achieving them!

Picture a pyramid

When you write down your goals position them like a pyramid. Write down the foundational goals at the bottom that will get you started on your job search (ie. Updated Resume, Job search tools.) On the second level you can add the second layer of goals like: networking. Write down several levels of goals and at the top write your goal as ‘Got the Job’ for example.

Goal-setting is a Way of Life

Goal-setting can be applied to many facets of life which include your career. It is a simple approach to making your life easier especially during a job search. However, writing down your goals is the easy part–achieving them is quite another. You need to be focused and disciplined.

Your Support System

Some people are very disciplined while others may need some help! Be sure to reach out to your family, friends or a mentor to provide a guiding light when setting and achieving your goals during your job search. Your support system can give you a real boost when you lack energy or hit a rough patch.

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