Success comes from your past failures and mistakes. So it is important to look back and study major mistakes. This is not something to torture yourself with–but a project which requires you to review why you made a mistake and how you corrected it.

For example, if you were at a job and you got fired for a reason that was merited l–try going back and looking at it in a critical way. Why were you fired? Have you learned from that mistake? Can you go over that mistake with someone you trust to uncover other areas of opportunity?

It’s all about looking at these moments as ways of learning to better yourself as a person and as a professional. We do not get better at things over night nor understand things better by merely glancing at it. We need to thoroughly review the situation and find out causes and effects. We become professionals by learning from our failures and mistakes. It is also imperative to learn from the errors of others.

Always investigate. Ask questions. Probe. Reveal and uncover what’s at the heart of what went wrong in a past situation. Make notes and be pensive. Come up with reasonable solutions to those failures and mistakes. And remember to never be too hard on yourself–always consider yourself as a masterpiece in progress! We learn by earning and reviewing.

Image: Kaboom Pics

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