Learning more about your community is a vital part of your personal and professional growth. Of course its not an obligation on your part to do it–the pros simply out weigh the cons. Connecting with your community can give you an increased awareness of the people, businesses, organizations and non-profits.

Getting a better understanding of your community can also give you a better perspective of how you fit in professionally? Can you offer services or products that benefits the community? Can anyone offer you any opportunities to help you build and growth their business?

Developing professionally in your local community can also help you build confidence, experience and grow your network! Community is a powerful concept that can easily be tapped into by offering your talents and skills and always being able to help others.

Have you considered truly going into your local community and finding more about it and learning how you can be a positive catalyst in it? It’s your choice, but choosing to being a strong part of it can be a real career and life changer for you!

Image: John Hain

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