Entry-level positions are a great start in a company. Although hours and pay may not be the best, it gives you a good perspective of a company from the bottom up. Entry-level jobs are just that: a position where the candidate lacks experience. Entry-level jobs are typically good starts for recent graduates, however workers who switch careers may find themselves also starting from the bottom. Again this isn’t a bad thing. Many presidents and CEOs of companies throughout modern business history started on the low rungs of the latter–from there they have gotten a nuts and bolts understanding of the company; its internal workings and as they rise through the ranks: a taste of what others in the company don’t often see.

If you currently find yourself in an entry-level position always look at each day as an opportunity to build the blocks to success. Seek to constantly learn new things from more experienced co-workers; keep your eyes and ears open for new chances to grow in the company and never hesitate to build your network!

As you grow in your position and learn more start setting short and long-term goals. Find out what you want from the company and what it needs from people like you. If you make a decision to stay, think about ways of proving yourself and making yourself indispensable. Seek out manager(s) that share common ground with you and learn as much as you can from them. Be involved in company activities–learn who runs the company and their histories and work experience. There is always an opportunity to learn more by asking, reading and researching everything about your position, and other opportunities that may be a good fit for you.

Never dismiss an entry-level job no matter how menial, boring or monotonous. Always look at it as an essential stepping stone towards bigger and better things!

Image: Dana Tentis

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