People love stories. As children we grew up listening to nursery rhymes and reading stories that have passed down from generation to generation. Why? Because we are fascinated by journeys and by obstacles heroes have to overcome.

Think about Harry Potter for example. The story of a young wizard touched so many people young and old because it was a classic story of good versus evil. The story was involving and complex; multilayered and character-rich. The story came through because of the potent mix of all these factors.

So how about you? You have a story to tell and people out there are willing to read it. Why? Because it will help others. Have you survived cancer? There are readers who need your story of courage and survival. Have you finally found the perfect career after years of struggling in terrible jobs? There are those who need hope–that there is a real chance that they can find their dream job!

When you start to think about it you have a story–a story that needs to written and shared. We need stories like yours to make life better. To gain confidence and make us better.

For your lesson: take a few moments to think about a story that has touched you and inspired you. Then think about what you have gone through in your life. Write down some major things you have had to overcome. And of course, think about the audience that you believe will draw inspiration from what you are about to write down!

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