Get ready! Get set! Go!

There is no delaying any longer. It’s time to put the petal to the metal and find the job that you deserve. So the best way to get going is by flat-out doing it!

Start your prep work before Monday

Get things going before you start hitting the pavement bright and early Monday morning. Get that resume up-dated. Assemble your portfolio. And start doing some recon on who’s hiring. Also, be sure to have 2 or 3 different types of resumes for various job opportunities. Print out copies of your resume and make a list of businesses you want to visit during the week.

You also need to create a few easy templates: recruiter reach-out, thank-you messages, follow-up letters and LinkedIn connection messages.

LinkedIn is very important for your job search. Make sure your profile is updated and looks professional including a professional image of yourself.

On the 7th day…You must rest!

After a tough day of getting things ready and prepped take Sunday off. Relax and don’t think too much about your job search. Also, don’t go to bed late. Get a reasonable amount of sleep. Drink and eat well through out the day.

The fun begins

Monday is here and it’s time to get a job. Although this blitz is geared for people actively looking for a job–the rest of you can still use information found in this article. Sometimes doing a ‘blitz’ job search is a strategy that might for you.

Ok, so here it starts. Look at the businesses you want to head to. Connect with hiring managers and ask for business cards. Keep all info organized. Keep hydrated and smile!

You should try for 8 hours out on the road. Even if you feel you haven’t made a dent in your job search review what you have accomplished when you head home.

Next step is sending out follow-up emails. Thank the managers you have met. And apply to jobs online and start sending messages out on LinkedIn.

Join as many Facebook groups you can. Connect with recruiters and chat with job seekers.

And the rest of the week…

First day was tiring…but awesome! Keep on building on your momentum and continue building your network. Hustle and don’t stop until you have a job. When you start getting interview requests get prepared for them with up-to-date references and do research on those companies.

Not a 40 hour work week…

If you want a job you have to work harder than a 40 hour work week. You have to stay focused and disciplined and ready when an opportunity comes you way. If you aren’t getting interviews don’t give up…keep at it!

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