There is always a way to further develop your career. One great way is to try the 3-Stream Career System. It might be difficult system to maintain over a long period of time, however it can be a powerful short term boost for your career experience, entrepreneurship, and professional network growth. Here are the 3 streams in this career system:

1.The Anchor Job

This is the job that is the anchor in your career stream. It should be a full time job–the other 2 streams are based around it. Also, this is the major job that you want to process in as a possible career.

2.Local Gigs

You have a specialization–so this is an amazing opportunity to develop it in your local area. Network with small business, franchises and entrepreneurs to uncover gig opportunities. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a long term to develop–chalk it up to building your reputation and experience.

3.Remote Work

Remote work is the 3rd stream in the career system. Typically remote work revolves around working on your laptop or even smart phone. Remote work is a great way to build your technical knowledge and professional expertise. Remote work can be based around you local gigs and anchor job.

Image: Nestya Gepp

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