If you are on the hunt for a job, you know that you have to explore every option that is available to you. Whether it is utilizing social media or simply handing out resumes, you have to be patient, confident and loyal. One of the most important ways of finding a job is through your networking and continuing to expand on your existing one. Networking can open the doors of opportunities for you and all you need to get started with the right attitude.

Having a great positive attitude is the foundation of good networking. So this 2-week network will be initiated as soon as you can. You must take the time to learn peoples’ names and learn how to listen. However, this 2-week lesson will give you a much needed boost to your job search.

Writing an elevator speech

People need to know you and what you do. That means you need to write a 2 or 3 sentence discription before you start networking. Now memorize it and practice.

Learn about what people do

For the 2 -week period think about what people do and why they have growth to going to and visit othera. Always listen people who are in have experiece. One of the best things you can do is listen because you can learn more abou them. See where your new friend can help with in your career.

The 2-week challenge is meant to find people everywhere and see what you can really do. Attend events, email people, call work friends–think of people you NEED to me! Write notes and think differently.


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