Looking for a new job can be one of the most stressful experiences. But the experience can be a great one if you have a plan! Here is what you need to do for your 1-Day Job Search Prep Strategy:

1.Update and Polish your resume to get it ready for applications

2.Do a quick summary of the job market. What are some hot segments of the job market should you be focusing on?

3.Tapping into Your Network ia vital to finding a new job. About 80% of jobs offered aren’t advertised so it is up to you to network, promote your brand and find if there are any unadvertized opportunities out there.

4.Research companies you want to work with–the reason why and how you can help them!

5.Connect with professionals who you like to learn more from–you never know: a simple message can turn into a difference maker when it comes to your next job.

Obviously, there are more great ways to build and prep a strategy for your job search. Just remember–keep positive and open to new opportunities!

Image: Geralt

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