7 Steps to Creating a Balanced Job Search Plan

Are you ready to find your next job?is that a yes? Excellent! However, you must have a consistent and balanced plan before you head out to start your job search. Here are 7 solid steps to creating a balaced job search plan: 1.Every opportunity Write down everyone and everything that can help you find aContinue reading “7 Steps to Creating a Balanced Job Search Plan”

The Importance of Writing Excellence in Your Career

We sometimes take things that we do like writing for granted. We do it every day and it is something that is vitally important when it comes to our personal and professional development. However, one of the key things is to continually development your writing. So how do you become an excellent writer? You write.Continue reading “The Importance of Writing Excellence in Your Career”

7 Steps to Starting a WordPress Blog (And Build Your Experience)

Creating and maintaining a blog is one of the easiest ways to building your experience (if you lack it on your resume.) If you focus on a subject or niche you can rapidly build your knowledge on a particular topic. For example, if you like writing flash fiction in the horror genre you can writeContinue reading “7 Steps to Starting a WordPress Blog (And Build Your Experience)”

4 Tips You Can Use to Write Better

A majority of jobs these days require a decent level of communication skills which includes writing. At many jobs you don’t have to write reports or memos, yet writing can help you elevate your opportunities in the work place. Writing better also means writing a better resume and coverletter and increasing your chances of landingContinue reading “4 Tips You Can Use to Write Better”

The Importance of Keeping a Career Journal

Having an updated resume is essential especially if you are always looking for career opportunities. Another tool that you must have if you are career-focused is a career journal. Just as a career portfolio as discussed in an earlier post, a career journal is a notebook where you write down thoughts, ideas and accomplishments relatedContinue reading “The Importance of Keeping a Career Journal”

6 Ways Graduates can Build Experience

If you have recently graduated from college or university you don’t need anyone telling you it’s going to be tough finding a job in your area of study. Many companies are looking for experience even with an entry-level position. So how do you build your experience? Here are 6 ways you can: 1.Volunteer It isContinue reading “6 Ways Graduates can Build Experience”

6 Ways to Build a Writing Portfolio

Writing is a craft that should and needs to be continuously worked on. Virtually any or all positions related to executive, management and customer relations need professionals with strong writing and communications skills. If you are on a job search be sure to upgrade your skills via online courses. However, building a Writing Portfolio isContinue reading “6 Ways to Build a Writing Portfolio”