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Starting Your Own Niche Workshops (Pt. 2)

Putting together a workshop will not only give you an opportunity to share your knowledge but it will be a great setting for you to connect with others. You must look at this opportunity as a multi-pronged event: connecting with professional, refining your communication and teaching skills, expanding your network and sharpening your event-creation skills.

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Starting Your Own Niche Workshops (Pt. 1)

Do you specialize in something? Do you enjoy teaching people new things? Maybe putting together a local workshop maybe a project you should consider! Creating and organizing a workship isn’t that difficult. But the question is: where to start? First off, decide what topic you want to discuss. Try and focus on a subject that

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6 Ways Graduates can Build Experience

If you have recently graduated from college or university you don’t need anyone telling you it’s going to be tough finding a job in your area of study. Many companies are looking for experience even with an entry-level position. So how do you build your experience? Here are 6 ways you can: 1.Volunteer It is

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