Blogging About Your Entrepreneurial Success (Pt. 4)

Being an entrepreneur takes guts! And that’s the kind of attitude you need when approaching your blog. Readers need to sense your urgency and passion for what you do. You aren’t only writing about your experience as well as some small business tips, you are also opening up a world of confidence and possibility forContinue reading “Blogging About Your Entrepreneurial Success (Pt. 4)”

Blogging About Your Entrepreneurial Success (Pt. 3)

As you blog about your business success and experience you are also developing multiple revenue streams. Here are several ways you can develop further opportunities from blogging: Marketing Expertise As you develop your blog you will find ways to market it! Whether it be on social media or through your main business website you willContinue reading “Blogging About Your Entrepreneurial Success (Pt. 3)”

Blogging About Your Entrepreneurial Success (Pt. 2)

There are many benefits to blogging about your entrepreneurial success! Sharing real-world experience Learning in the classroom is great. But doing is better. Sharing your experience about what you have gone through in owning your own business can really help others. Real-world experience is what people are looking after, and by writing about the nittyContinue reading “Blogging About Your Entrepreneurial Success (Pt. 2)”

The Art of Storytelling (and Sharing Your Story)

People love stories. As children we grew up listening to nursery rhymes and reading stories that have passed down from generation to generation. Why? Because we are fascinated by journeys and by obstacles heroes have to overcome. Think about Harry Potter for example. The story of a young wizard touched so many people young andContinue reading “The Art of Storytelling (and Sharing Your Story)”

Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge

Learning is a basic foundation to whatever we do. Weather it be cooking, driving, communicating or whatever–it’s all about learning and developing our minds. One of the easiest and more effective ways to get better at something is by doing it–over and over again. And by consciously thinking about what we are doing; reflecting onContinue reading “Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge”