Developing Your Career: Finding Your Niche (Pt.6)

Being a generalist can be a good or bad thing in your career. It is good especially if you are starting out and getting to get a grasp of the job market/what you want from your career. On the other hand it can be something companies don’t want because they are looking for specific skillsetsContinue reading “Developing Your Career: Finding Your Niche (Pt.6)”

What’s Your Speciality?

When you think about it–we all have a speciality. You might specialize in consultant-style selling as a salesperson or might specialize in neurosurgery if you are a doctor. Our specialities draw on our interests, experience and what we are good at. Further development and training makes us very good at something to a point whereContinue reading “What’s Your Speciality?”

Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt. 5)

Blogging isn’t simply a space to write some wishful thoughts or post your thoughts about a local band. A blog can be an amazing opportunity for you to build an amazing career. As discussed in this 5-part blog series, blogging can be a fantastic journey that will take you to places that you never thoughtContinue reading “Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt. 5)”

Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt. 3)

What starts as your first blog turns into 4 posts and then your at 20 blog posts! Blogging becomes a habit like anything in life. You have to do it. It isn’t a chore, it becomes something you just do everyday. And another amazing thing start to learn alot about what you write about!Continue reading “Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt. 3)”

Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt.2)

One of the easiest ways to share or expand your knowledge is by blogging! Blogging has been around for a while. By writing a blog you not only give yourself a great opportunity to learn more about your subject matter but you extend your knowledge of maintaining and growing it. Social Media By utilizing socialContinue reading “Blogging Your Way to Specialized Knowledge (Pt.2)”