4 Great Ways to Help Grow Your Small Business

There are many solid ways to help grow your small business. As an entrepreneur it is imperative to look for ways to expand. Here are 4 ways to help you grow your business: Grants Whether they be at local or national level, grants are a great way to help you hire staff or promote yourContinue reading “4 Great Ways to Help Grow Your Small Business”

Blogging About Your Entrepreneurial Success

Most entrepreneurs are business. They are out there working hard to get their businesses running smoothly and are typically the first ones either fixing a problem or promoting their product or service. So they might not have the time to share their story and their success. However, it is vital that they do. Why shareContinue reading “Blogging About Your Entrepreneurial Success”

Why Should You Consider Being In Business For Yourself

It takes a certain kind of personality to be an entrepreneur. You have to be self motivated, willing to work very hard, a fast learner and able to persevere despite setbacks. You also have to be a little creative and have a good business sense! If you have those major ingredients then being your ownContinue reading “Why Should You Consider Being In Business For Yourself”

5 Ways to Get a Job in a Tough Economy

1. Finding an Opportunity. When there is a recession everyone feels the squeeze. During this time, be vigilant in regards to what people around you need. Also, talk to people and listen! How can you help and make their lives easier especially in a tough economy? 2. Offer Value. If you already have a smallContinue reading “5 Ways to Get a Job in a Tough Economy”

3 Quick Ways to Build Your Online Experience

Companies have always craved experience and that is often difficult to fufil if you are a recent graduate and new in the workforce. So how to you turbo-charge your experience section on your resume quickly? One of the best things to do is to go out to a few non-profits and local businesses and askContinue reading “3 Quick Ways to Build Your Online Experience”