4 Tips to Writing a Better Resume

Writing a resume can sometimes be quite the task. Although you know better than anyone else what your experience is and accomplishments are–you still might find the task daunting especially when you are on a tight deadline in looking for a job. Here are some tips you can use when writing your resume. 1.A strongContinue reading “4 Tips to Writing a Better Resume”

4 Ways to Create Added Value on Your Resume

If you are looking to bolster your resume here a few ways you can do so quickly and easily. 1.Mentorship This may be an overlooked experience to put on your resume. However, it can truly be an invaluable one because it showcases your ability to connect and help others. Companies and organizations are always lookingContinue reading “4 Ways to Create Added Value on Your Resume”

How to Write a More Engaging Resume

If you want to get a better response from potential employers you should consider revising your resume. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is creating a more engaging resume. So what does this mean? How can you accomplish this? When rewriting your resume consider the prospective of the hiringContinue reading “How to Write a More Engaging Resume”

How to Assemble an On-the-Go Resume eKit

In this day and age the reality of securing a job that you will be at for decades is practically non-existent. You must always be prepared to be a job seeker even if you like your currently position. There might be layoffs, unexpected downsizing, company restructuring, or you are simply looking for growth in yourContinue reading “How to Assemble an On-the-Go Resume eKit”

Discovering Career/Job Info Through Books

These days a lot of our information can easily be acquired through the internet. However, books are still an essential part to our learning dynamic. If you are out discovering a new career or compiling more information on how to conduct a proper job search–books hold many of these answers. It is imperative then thatContinue reading “Discovering Career/Job Info Through Books”

5 Tips to Writing a Better Coverletter

A coverletter is an introduction to your resume. It should typically be 1 page (but can stretch to 2 pages if you are an experienced professional) and expands on your career highlights, a specific project or experience and showcase your real world skills and/or education. Coverletters can be a great way to really showoff aContinue reading “5 Tips to Writing a Better Coverletter”

5 Tips to Writing a Winning Resume

Writing a winning resume takes time and effort. You need to really look over your key strengths and experience (chose what works and doesn’t for the job you are applying for)–tighten up your resume (less repetition and more action words) and put it into a readable and clear format. However, if you need a fewContinue reading “5 Tips to Writing a Winning Resume”

Focusing on the Skills You Have (Rather than Skills You Don’t Have)

The reality of any job search is there will always be more qualified candidates than you. There are many talented and experienced people out there in the workforce as well as hunting for a job. The key is: don’t think about your competition! It’s easy to and it becomes a slippery slope when you startContinue reading “Focusing on the Skills You Have (Rather than Skills You Don’t Have)”

5 Websites Where You Can Upload Your Resume for Free

Posting your resume online is an easy and typically free option to get it noticed by companies and recruiters. Here are 5 places you can upload your resume online: 1. Resume Posting Sites There are several of these websites that only serve as a space to post your resume. This is also a great resourceContinue reading “5 Websites Where You Can Upload Your Resume for Free”

Why You Should Treat Your Resume like Real Estate

A great way of looking at your resume is similar to real estate. It is a property where you add value via your job experience, skills and professionnel development. Equally if you are low on experience you must still treat your resume as invaluable property that directly relates to you. A Solid Foundation In termsContinue reading “Why You Should Treat Your Resume like Real Estate”