5 Tips for Writing a Better Resume

A resume is a marketing tool to help you get an interview which will hopefully lead to a job. However, writing a good resume is essentially keeping things simple and to the point. You know you need to write down your work history, relevant skills and professional summary highlighting your goal(s) and what you’re goingContinue reading “5 Tips for Writing a Better Resume”

Why You Should Treat Your Resume like Real Estate

A great way of looking at your resume is similar to real estate. It is a property where you add value via your job experience, skills and professionnel development. Equally if you are low on experience you must still treat your resume as invaluable property that directly relates to you. A Solid Foundation In termsContinue reading “Why You Should Treat Your Resume like Real Estate”

How to Craft an Effective Executive Summary for Your Resume

If you have ever written an essay before you know that the engine that drives it is the thesis. The thesis is what all the parts of the essay go back to because you are trying to prove it! Same thing goes for your executive summary (or professional summary) on your resume. It is theContinue reading “How to Craft an Effective Executive Summary for Your Resume”

5 Tips to Writing a Better Resume

Your resume is the best way of showcasing your skills and experience to potential employers. When writing it we sometimes tend to overthink what employers want and end up creating a resume that isn’t focused but rather tries to do too many things at the same time. Here are 5 tips to writing a betterContinue reading “5 Tips to Writing a Better Resume”

5 Approaches to Make you the Ideal Candidate for an Entry-level Position

Getting a job out right of high-school, college or university can sometimes be a tough task. An entry-level job is perhaps one of the best positions to take on after graduation. Although the pay is typically poor, the experience you gain is invaluable and can help you get your foot in the door to aContinue reading “5 Approaches to Make you the Ideal Candidate for an Entry-level Position”

4 Essential Resume Writing Tips

Resumes are your key to opening the door to an interview. It can be one of the most taxing and least exciting chores you must do in your job search. But you must look at it this way: if you write a good resume that is easy-to-read and alligns to what the job posting asksContinue reading “4 Essential Resume Writing Tips”

Upgrade your resume with these 5 Free Online Learning Resources

Alison This is an absolutely free online course site. It has a lot of specific and general interest courses to help you round out your resume. Although it is a good place to start and maybe take a few courses, Udemy (which has both free and paid courses) is recommended. Udemy Udemy has a healthyContinue reading “Upgrade your resume with these 5 Free Online Learning Resources”

5 More Ways of Building your Resume when You have little or no Experience

Don’t have too much work experience? Don’t worry! Here are 5 additional ways of beefing up your resume. 1.Ask to help small businesses for free Pick up the phone and ask what areas they need help in. Explain you situation and I think one company will give you a shot. For example, if you haveContinue reading “5 More Ways of Building your Resume when You have little or no Experience”