5 Ways to Get a Job in a Tough Economy

1. Finding an Opportunity. When there is a recession everyone feels the squeeze. During this time, be vigilant in regards to what people around you need. Also, talk to people and listen! How can you help and make their lives easier especially in a tough economy? 2. Offer Value. If you already have a smallContinue reading “5 Ways to Get a Job in a Tough Economy”

5 Ways to Land a Job Quickly

Finding a job that suits your personality and strengths is one of the major goals of establishing a healthy career! However, if you need a job here are 5 great ways to land you one now: 1.Personally Hand-out your Resume One of the easiest ways of getting a job ASAP is printing your coverletter/resume andContinue reading “5 Ways to Land a Job Quickly”