Niche Development Within An Urban Area

What do you love to do? What are you good at doing? What does your local area need? These are a few important questions to ask yourself when you are developing a niche in your urban area. It is very important to do your homework and find ways to marry your passion, expertise and anContinue reading “Niche Development Within An Urban Area”

What’s Your Speciality?

When you think about it–we all have a speciality. You might specialize in consultant-style selling as a salesperson or might specialize in neurosurgery if you are a doctor. Our specialities draw on our interests, experience and what we are good at. Further development and training makes us very good at something to a point whereContinue reading “What’s Your Speciality?”

Starting Your Own Niche Workshops (Pt. 1)

Do you specialize in something? Do you enjoy teaching people new things? Maybe putting together a local workshop maybe a project you should consider! Creating and organizing a workship isn’t that difficult. But the question is: where to start? First off, decide what topic you want to discuss. Try and focus on a subject thatContinue reading “Starting Your Own Niche Workshops (Pt. 1)”