What Really Motivates You? (Pt. 2)

Money. Success. Professional growth. Quality of Life. There are many things that motivates us and determines our goals. Some of us know clear-cut know what motivates us especially when it comes to work. You may be a parent and your focus is to go to work to pay bills and buy food/maintain a roof overContinue reading “What Really Motivates You? (Pt. 2)”

What Really Motivates You? (Pt. 1)

What motivates you? It seems like a simple questions but ask yourself that now. Do you find the answer just comes out easily? Or did you think about it? Regardless, motivation is key to having any success or continued success in your career. Why? Because motivation is what helps you get you out of bedContinue reading “What Really Motivates You? (Pt. 1)”