The Job Search Hustle: How to Find and Get a Job Quickly in 6 Easy Steps!

If you are currently finding yourself on the job hunt take a second to have a breather. You have probably been at it for a while emailing your resume, then redoing your resume and then sending out some more online. You’ve probably filled out a bunch of online applications and maybe been to 1 orContinue reading “The Job Search Hustle: How to Find and Get a Job Quickly in 6 Easy Steps!”

5 Ways to Have a More Productive Job Search

Whether you’re dedicating yourself fulltime to a job search or working around your current job schedule it is imperative to be as productive as possible. Look over at your current job search strategy: first off, do you have one? Are you taking care of yourself? Are you keeping good social company? There are a hostContinue reading “5 Ways to Have a More Productive Job Search”

How to Create a Job Search Schedule

Whether you were laid off, fired or simply decided to leave your job you need to create a schedule of what you are going to do and how to accommodate your game plan. Here’s how you get the ball rolling Plan your week Some say that finding a job is similar to a full timeContinue reading “How to Create a Job Search Schedule”

A Useful 17-Point Job Search Checklist

Review this useful checklist if you are on the hunt for a job. 1.Update Resume Review, edit and up-date. If you can get a few people you respect to critique and edit your resume before sending it out, that’s a bonus. 2.Visit a Library Spend a few hours at the library looking for books andContinue reading “A Useful 17-Point Job Search Checklist”

10 Things to do Before Starting your Job Search

Before embarking on your job hunt, you must be sure to have several major items prepared including an updated resume. There is nothing more frustrating than getting a call for interview and your left scrambling the night before. So take a deep breath, keep positive and make sure you do these 10 things before applyingContinue reading “10 Things to do Before Starting your Job Search”